IGEEKS Technologies has been actively involved in Job Placement Assistance as a value-added service in the Software Training Program. With the backup of an advanced training curriculum and real-time business projects, we have a very consistent and growing Job Placement Track Record.

The Software Training Programs are accommodated by continuous assessments and sharing common Interview FAQs.

Students are encouraged to proactively participate in Seminars on Interview Handling Skills.

During Workshops/Seminars, Knowledge is shared about focusing on all the aspects of an Interview apart from Technical Aspects.

Active Coordination with students from the stage of preparing a professional CV/Resume to attending Interviews and securing a Job.

Interview Questions & Answers will be covered along with course

We Support to Make your Resume Ready as per IT Industry Standards and to Get Interview Calls

Preliminary Preparation ensures that our Students are able to perform confidently in Interviews even it was their First Interview. As a part of our Successful and Continuous Job Placement Assistance, we maintain the track for our student reference.

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