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PERL Training Malleswaram, Bangalore

Course Duraiton: 1 Month

IGEEKS Technologies: PERL Training Course Content

What is Perl

Perl at the Command Line

Perl Scripts

Print Functions


Quoting Rules

Here Documents


Naming Conventions

Scope and Package


Assigning a value to a Scalar Variable

Curly Braces and Scalars

The $_ scalar variable



Split Function

Associative Arrays

Predefined Filehandles

Standard Input

Standard Output

Standard Error


Arithmetic Operators

String Operators

Assignment Operators

Precedence and Associativity

Relational and Equality Operators

The if Construct

Testing Equality

The if/else Construct

Numeric Operators

String Operators

Logical Operators

The if/elsif/else Construct

Autoincrement and Autodecriment Operators

String Operations

Range Operator

Regular Expressions

Simple Statements and Modifiers

Pattern Matching

The Metacharacters

The tr function

Pattern Matching Operators


Labels and Blocks

The while Loop

The Until Loop

The For Loop

Labels, Loops, and Loop Control

The foreach loop

Nested Loops and Labels

User Defined Filehandles

A Little About Dying

The close function

Open for reading

Open for writing

Open for appending

Open for pipes

The eof function

Arguments and More Arrays

The @ARGV array-Command Line Arguments

ARGV and the Shift Functions

Array Built-in Functions

The grep function

The split function

The join function

The splice function

The pop function

The push function

The shift function

The unshift function

The reverse function

The sort function

The chop function

The chomp function

More associative Arrays

Associative Array Functions

The keys function

The values function

The each function

The delete function

The exists function

The %ENV Array


Defining and Calling a Subroutine

Passing by Reference

Passing By Value

The local Function

The return Statement

The Standard Perl Library

The @INC Array

Packages and .pl Files

The require function

Including Standard Library Routines

Modules and .pm Files

Using a Perl5 Module


The Symbol Table

Using The Strict Pragma

The Standard Perl Library

Including a Standard Perl Library Routine

Using a Perl5 Module from the Standard Perl Library

Including your Subroutines from Another Directory

The Exporter Module and the @ISA Array

Using Modules from the Standard Perl Library

Using Perl to Create Your Own Module


Symbolic References (aliases and typeglob)

Hard References (pointers)

Anonymous Variables and References

Object Oriented Perl

OOP Terminology


The my Function





The @ISA Array

Derived Classes

Perl Modules and Documentation

Another Look at the Standard Perl Library

POD Files

POD Commands

How to Use POD Interpreters

Using a Module from the Standard Perl Library

Tying Variables and DBM Files

The Tie Function

Predefined Methods

DBM Files

Creating and Assigning Data to a Database

Deleting Entries from a Database

DBI module

Database programming using DBI module

Defining a SQL string using DBI

Running perl scripts from web

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