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Excel VBA Macro Training Malleswaram, Bangalore

Course Duraiton: 1 Month

IGEEKS Technologies: Excel VBA Macro Training Course Content

Recording a Macro

Running a Macro

Running a Macro from the Macros Dialog Box

Creating a Short-cut key to run a macro

Running a Macro with a Shortcut key

Assigning a Macro to a Menu or Toolbar

Editing a Macro with Visual Basic




Programming Tools

The Menu Bar

Using the Project Explorer

Excel Constants

Variable Constants

Objects, Properties and Methods

Getting & Setting Properties

Calling Methods

Passing Arguments

Singular Objects & Collections of Objects

InputBox Function

MsgBox Function

Using a Set Statement

If Then Decision Structures

Logical Operators

Select Case Decision Structures

Case Else

Comparison Operators with Select Case Structure

For Loops

Do Loops

While...Wend Statement

Run mode and Design mode

Running Code from the development environment

Running Code from the host application

Changing a Property

Dimensioning a variable

Using variables in routines

Object Variables

Designing & Creating Forms

Working with Controls

Creating Custom Dialog Boxes

Userform Properties Methods & Events

Developing Excel Utilities with VBA

Error Handling

Using In-Built Excel Features in VBA

Working with Pivot Tables

Working with Charts

Understanding Excel's Events

Interacting with Other Applications

Creating and Using Add-Ins

Working with the Ribbon

Working with Shortcut Menus

Working with Shortcut Menus

Developing User Oriented Applications

VBA Editing & Debugging

Auto Macros

Error Handling

Connect to MS Access

Access Database & Retrieve Data from MS Access

Create Table & Query Data Filter DB using Query

Update and Modify DB

Create Single and Multiple Mapping Tables

Filter DB using Query

Query data grouping

Retrieve Data using Logical Access Query

Connect to Outlook using VBA

Query to retrieve Mail From, to and CC address

Retrieve Mail Subject and Time

Retrieve Mail Attachment

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